Our Team

Ron Simmons

Ron is a life long aviation enthusiast whose earliest memeories were in the backseat of his Dead's Cessna 140. It is true that Cessna 140s don't have a back seat, but, Dad made a little plywood bench. Ron is also an A&P/IA and has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Programming.


Ron decided to create AMPro because he thought that there should be a better way to do annual inspections, and keep track of the corrective and scheduled maintenance than using Excel Spreadsheets (without spending $600+ per year on software).


Ron uses AMPro for his work in the SLC area as an IA. He also uses AMPro for his personal use maintaning the small "fleet" of aircraft that he and his various family members own.


Robert Simmons

Robert grew up around airplanes and didn't realize until later in his childhood that having a small airplane was out of the ordinary or something that people would willingly live without. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.


Rachel Oberg

Rachel is a con

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