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Notice to Users:

From time to time we discover a problem with the AMPro software. This page is dedicated to communicating notice to users. These notices will explain the problem and provide a solution.

Bad Database File     March 28, 2016    AMPro Version 1.41


Date available: AMPro Version 1.41 was available for download from Feb 22, 2016 until March 28, 2016. If you downloaded AMPro from our website during that period you may have a bad database file called AD_db.db. You can identify your revision using Help->Licensing->Get AMPro Revsion from within the program.


Problem: When downloading ADs, via ADs->Analyze ADs->Download ADs, the program will hang up and not complete the query.


Solution: This problem can be resolved by either:


1) Downloading and installing (after unistalling the old version) a new version of AMPro by clicking here.


2) Download the zip file by clicking on the thumbnail below. Once downloaded, extract the AD_db.db file from the zip file and replace the old AD_db.db file that was in the install directory (typicall C:\AMPro) with the new file that was extracted from the zip file. After you have done this you should be able to download ADs successfully.

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