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About AMPro

AMPro Aviation Software handles much of the paperwork associated with the inspection of general aviation aircraft. AMPro, most importantly, has a database that holds proof of AD compliance and inspection and maintenance  information that is applicable to the SPECIFIC aircraft that you are working on. Thus the database holds the AD requirements, AD compliance information, AND logbook entries for the specific aircraft you are working on rather than just giving information that may be applicable to the model of aircraft. No longer will you need to go through old paper copies of AD compliance and compare them against a current list of ADs that apply to the model of aircraft. Once information has been entered about an aircraft you can print off a full AD Report, a synopsis of the aircraft, or logbook entry reports.


AMPro software proves aircraft specific inspection and maintenance logbook entry, and Airworthiness Directive (ADs) tracking. A free evaluation copy of AMPro can be downloaded by clicking here or on the Download tab at the top of this page.


"Having a concise log of previous AD compliance for an aircraft saves me, on average, 4 hours per inspection."
- Ron Simmons, IA




  • Airworthiness Directive Search - Search is specific to the entered aircraft, engine, propeller, and appliances.

    • Stores AD compliance and re-compliance details.

    • Re-compliance alerts sent based on calendar or tach time.

    • Proof of compliance is stored so manual sorting and checking of compliance is unnecessary.

    • Highlights items that need attention based on tach time or calendar date.

    • Quick access to AD text documentation.

    • AD information is serial number/N number specific.


  • The AD search and compliance features will reduce the time needed for an AD compliance check from hours to minutes.


  • Annual Inspection Sticker Maker

    • Annual Report sticker with the Total Time and TSMOH on all engines, propellers, and appliances.

    • Notification if ADs are not complied with or ELT battery out of date.

    • Creates the appropriate inspection statement for both Experimental and Standard Airworthiness aircraft.

    • Uses the necessary verbiage if aircraft is not airworthy.


  • Scheduled Maintenance Items

    • Enter and track scheduled maintenance items (eg. progressive inspection, oil/air filter change) based on tach time or calendar date.

    • Sort by "Next Due" or "Historical".

    • Generate logbook entry stickers.


  • Corrective Maintenance Items

    • All corrective maintenance items are stored in the database for future reference.

    • Generates logbook entry stickers.


  • Reports

    • AD compliance proof reports

    • Historical style logbook entries for a chosen period of time

    • Single maintenance event stickers

    • Aircraft synopsis reports with information about the aircraft and owner.


  • Handles Multiple Aircraft and Mechanics

    • Information is filtered so only the information pertaining to the selected aircraft is seen.

    • Mechanic FAA license number and name are stored for quick reference and entry into the program.


  • Provides links to ALL documents that the FAA requires IAs to have access to including

    • FARs, ACs, ADs, 337 forms, etc.


  • Archives of old paper logbooks and maintenance manuals specific to the aircraft can be stored and accessed quickly.


  • Lower cost than other services that simply provide model specific AD searches.


  • Additional Services

    • Free evaluation.

    • YouTube how-tos.

    • Telephone support for initial setup.


  • The program was written by IAs and aircraft owners that understand the processes that mechanics must follow to keep aircraft safe and legal.

"I wrote this program because I wanted a tool that would be useful to every IA whether they do 4 inspections per year or 400."
- Ron Simmons, IA




Download a Free Trial Here:

User Guide

User Instructions

AMPro runs on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Linux systems platforms. Both free evaluation copies and paid subscription licenses are available.  Licensing costs are shown on the Licensing tab at the top of the page.


A copy of the users_guide can be downloaded here:





A copy of the installation_guide can be downloaded here:





The goal of this software is to reduce the paperwork time, the liability and thus the cost associated with the inspection and maintenance of general aviation aircraft.  For the Inspection Authorized mechanic it means that he no longer has to re evaluate the entire (sometimes 60 years) of aircraft AD records to be sure that all ADs are complied with.  For the Owner, it means that they can know what must be inspected and baring the finding of any unscheduled corrective maintenance that must be completed, the Annual Inspection cost is much more predictable.

Video Tutorials

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Video Tutorials
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